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Creativity Coaching, Life Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching


Free your creativity - explore, discover & express yourself -
everyone is creative, including you!

Bespoke Creativity and Wellbeing Consultation, Coaching, CPD and Workshops for Business, Charities and Institutions

My accumulated skills, knowledge and experience as a creativity coach, art teacher, artist and mindfulness teacher can be personalised to meet the needs of your own group, organisation or business.

I am available for one-to-one creativity coaching, bespoke workshop facilitation, training and consultation to help you explore how mindfulness, creativity, health and well being can be integrated.

  • Experiment with thinking outside the box

  • Explore holistic, lateral, non-linear thinking

  • Discover how visual expression, as accessing parts of the mind not available to verbal thinking, can reveal unexpected solutions and understanding to an issue or problem

  • Experience how creative activities free people up and help them open out

  • Increase awareness of blocks and resistances that hinder creativity

  • Experience methods for working with and moving through creative blocks through doing visual creative activities

  • Explore different ways of looking at something to move beyond limitations and preconceptions

  • Experience the benefits of mindfulness on creativity

Bespoke workshops and training sessions individually designed to meet the needs of your business or organisation.

Please phone Zangmo Alexander on 01379 687360 to discuss your needs.